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Aloysius Fortescue and Smythe

Aloysius Fortescue and Smythe is the latest offering of Vincent Page and Lesley White who are well known for breaking the mould of traditional antiques centres and transforming Antiques on High into a brand name with five stores scattered all over the U.K.

Aloysius Fortescue and Smythe is an all-new antiques auction saleroom which is set to take a fresh approach to traditional auction houses firstly by offering a very straightforward 10% plus £1 (one pound) listing fee for the seller and a 10% purchase fee (plus V.A.T.) for the buyer. There are no storage fees for the first month, and we will handle shipping on a global scale for purchasers. Combine this with a fresh, clean saleroom complete with an onsite café, and the whole saleroom experience just got a lot more enjoyable with two days of viewing prior to our auction.

Aloysius Fortescue and Smythe are aiming to simplify the auction process, as over the past few years dealers and specialist collectors have watched the waters being continually muddied by this charge and that charge only to find that the original hammer price pays little or no resemblance to the invoice presented to them.

Please see our terms and conditions page for buying and selling.

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AFS Auction House

As with our Antiques Centres, we believe in doing things a little differently. Situated in a fifteen thousand square foot haunted building where ghosts have been seen and heard we have auction viewings on a Monday and Tuesday so leave yourself a day spare as our Iconic Monday Antiques market is open every Monday along with our café and our Auctions are held on the third Wednesday of the month.

If you visit us on the day of the auction you will find we use traditional numbered paddles as bidding implements issued to you as you come in. Our onsite café is open and hopefully will cater to all your needs in that department.

We charge a flat rate of ten per cent to both buyer and seller with a one-pound listing fee to the seller however please read our terms and conditions page before you bid. We don’t charge storage for the first month but would request that you pay for your purchases within 7 days and collect them as soon as possible. If you require delivery we can assist.